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In our 30 years of professional clock repair we have answered thousands of questions our customers have asked. You probably have questions too.Here are answers to a few of the most common questions we’ve heard.


Frequently asked questions

1.   How often should I have my clock serviced?
A:     We recommend every 4 to 5 years to keep it running as it should.

2.   I think my clock is wound too tight. Is that why it’s not running?
A:     If your clock is fully wound and still is not working there is another 
reason its failure. The mechanism may be dry, dirty, worn, and / or broken.

3.  How do I know if my clock is worth repairing?
A:     Upon seeing the clock I can advise you as to its monetary value. However, clocks are often treasured more because of sentimental 
 meaning than for their dollar value.

4.  Only the center weight of my grandfather clock is descending. Why 
aren’t the left and right weights coming down?

A:     Each weight of your clock does a different job.
   Left Weight --------- Hour Strike
   Center Weight ----- Time
    Right Weight ------- Quarter hour Chime
Your clock is not chiming and striking properly and needs servicing.